According to the Union, the decision will be finalised after it engages government on its proposal.

The Union argues that the adjustment has become necessary following the significant increase in fuel prices.

Speaking on Accra-based Citi News, the General Secretary of GPRTU, Godfred Abulbire, said the outcome of the negotiations would determine the increase in transport fares.

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“It will remain until our talks with the Ministry are done. Then, we would have to go through the same process of sending a letter, and then go on to the round table discussion; then we would consider how to help cushion our members better.”

In February, transport fares were increased by 15% instead of 30% after several calls.

As a litre of petrol fuel now sells for ¢10, the GPRTU is asking that they are allowed to increase fares again to cushion their members in these challenging times.

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