Ghanaian singer and songwriter Ethel Esi Eshun popularly known as Queen Eshun has made some shocking revelations about her ex-manager who was also her fiancé.

Speaking in an interview with Zionfelix, she revealed how she was abused and tortured by her ex-boyfriend who was also managing her during the times they were dating.The Ghanaian singer revealed that she went through a lot of pain and agony when she was in a relationship with her former manager, Stephen Mensah.

Recently, her former manager who doubled as her fiancecame out to make claims concerning a contract he had with the singer. According to him, there was a five year contract with the singer but she opted out after the third year. However, the singer debunked the claims and stated that there was nothing like a contract between them neither verbal or whatsover. Adding, she dared Stephen to bring out any legal documents and proofs to show if they had any legal contract.

Speaking on her relationship experiences with her former manager and fiance she described the relationship as the worst and disclosed that she wanted to leave the relationship at some point in time. However, her former manager would want to blackmail her and get people calling her and threatening her to stay in the relationship which compelled her to stay and suffer ‘silently’. She also disclosed that the threats usually pops up her when she had feuds with him.

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‘Most of these messages threaten me that when I leave the relationship, I wouldn’t get to my promise land. This made him bully, manipulate and abuse me verbally. He goes to the extent of telling me I am nothing, Calling me a school drop-out and body shaming me’.

Queen disclosed that the threats and verbal abuses from him put so much fear in her which made her emotionally and psychologically stuck in the relationship with the hope that someone will rescue her from the bondage she was in. Adding that the threats and verbal abuses were persistent which had negative impact on her psychologically, especially threats whcih made her believe she was going to die.

Speaking on her feud between her and actress Moesha Buduong concerning her interview on CNN on issues of love, sex and gender, she explained that she wasn’t the one who made that post . However, the post was made by her former manager because they were co-admins of her instagram account.

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We were co-admins. There was a point where people bash me because of his posts on my instagram page. Later, when I get to see it, I question him as to why he didn’t inform me before making the posts. Due to this, Moesha isn’t in talking terms with me because of a post Steve made about her which people thought was actually me’.

The ‘Someone Loves Me’ hitmaker disclosed that Steve told her to pay him an amount of GHS 120,000 before he will log out of her instagram and other social media accounts. However, she refused. She described him as a demon and revealed that he took advantage of her because she isn’t a vocal person.

In Decemeber last year, she was appointed as a ‘Role Model Queen for Juvenile And Youth’ in Gomoa Afransi in the Central Region.

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