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Nadowli – Kaleo Road destroyed after a Heavy downpour

A section of the Wa-Nadowli trunk road near Kaleo in the Nadowli-Kaleo District is in danger of being severely damaged after heavy rainfall caused the Kaleo dam to overflow its banks. Approximately one-third of the road has already eroded, forming a deep gully in that area.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA), Mr. Fusca Ana-Ebavi Ningkpeng, the Assembly Member of the Kaleo East Electoral Area, expressed concerns that another heavy rain could lead to a complete breakage of the road. He urgently appealed to authorities, especially the Ghana Highway Authority, to step in and repair the damage caused by the rain to prevent a disaster.

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Ningkpeng pointed out that the affected road section is so narrow that two vehicles cannot pass simultaneously, and warning signs have been installed to alert motorists to the danger. He emphasized the need for swift action, as further rain could cut off the road entirely.

Furthermore, the disaster has had a detrimental impact on farmers and their gardens along the road. Mud and debris have filled up the small wells dug by farmers for dry season vegetable production, leaving them in a state of despair. The water has also carried away crops, and trees along the road are at risk of falling.

Ningkpeng attributed this near disaster to the failure of authorities to desilt the Kaleo dam, reducing its capacity to hold water. He expressed frustration that despite his appeals, the government has yet to address this issue.

Additionally, the absence of gutters along the main road in the Kaleo community has led to rainwater flowing into residents’ homes, particularly those located along the road. This has gradually damaged the walls of their buildings, prompting an appeal to authorities for assistance.

Meanwhile, some sections of the Wa-Nadowli-Babile road, which were damaged in August 2021, remain unrepaired.

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