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Power Outages Force Somanya Polyclinic to Shut Down Units, Calls for Urgent Intervention

The Somanya Polyclinic, located in the Eastern Region, has been facing challenges during power outages, leading to the shutdown of critical units within the facility.

The hospital’s administration highlighted that their current generator has limited capacity, which is insufficient to power the entire facility, resulting in disruptions to essential services, including the laboratory.

Kafui Wuttor, the Head of Administration for Somanya Polyclinic, emphasized the urgent need for an additional generator plant to support hospital operations.

She expressed concern that the frequent power outages not only affect the hospital’s ability to provide quality healthcare but also lead to increased operational costs, which she described as “quite inconvenient.”

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“At the moment, our lights are off, and our generator plant has low capacity to power the facility. Some units are even off, and we are unable to run labs. If we get a new generator set in addition to what we have, it will boost our services,” stated Kafui Wuttor.

The issue was raised during a donation event where the Somanya branch of the Christ Apostolic Church International donated pillows, pillowcases, bedspreads, toiletries, and bottled water to the Somanya Polyclinic and Yilo Krobo District Hospital.

Mrs. Patricia Ametepey, representing the church, emphasized the importance of churches supporting government efforts to develop the nation.

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