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Let’s Pay Attention to Funnyface, he is not Okay- KOFAS.

Kofi Asamoah, otherwise known as KOFAS has asked Ghanaians to reach Funnyface and give him some psychological support.

He said looking at how things are going on, it can clearly be seen that the comedian is having some mental issues and things wouldn’t end well if he is not paid attention to.

Recently, Funnyface had issues with his colleagues; Bismark the Joke, Lilwin and Kalybos and accused them on social media that they are fake and go around back biting and gossiping about me. Funnyface posted videos of himself on social media crying,cursing and insulting his colleagues for wanting to destroy his life. He also accused Lil win of convincing his wife to run away with his twin girls.

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KOFAS indicated that Funnyface needs psychological help and the fact that the comedian, Funnyface came out to publicly admit he is emotionally traumatized should not be a thing to joke with.

“One thing that I want us as Ghanaians to take note is that Funnyface has a problem. In our part of the world we don’t take mental health seriously. Even when we are talking about mental health, people think it’s all about total madness. In other party’s of the world, this is a serious issue. Funnyface himself publicly expressed that he is going through emotional trauma and yet we have ignored it”. He said on Entertainment GH hosted by Ola Michael on NEAT FM.

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He said people should desist from being excited about the beefs he has with his colleagues on social media and rather focus on finding him psychological help.

“People don’t care about whichever problem he is facing. All they are happy about is the fact that he is always dropping names of people and talking about them. The man needs help”. He said.

Watch full video below.


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