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Akuffo-Addo is doing a good job but I miss home- Sarkodie.

Michael Owusu Addo known as Sarkodie in the music industry has commended the president of Ghana for his good works to ensure the safety of Ghanaians.

Currently locked down in the United States of America, he believes the closing of borders by the president of Ghana is a good initiative because it will help stop the spreading of the Coronavirus in Ghana and its in the best interest of the nation as a whole.

The ‘Ofeetsor’ hitmaker applauded the government in the decisions taken to fight the global pandemic and as well sent a message from the United State of America to all his fans and Ghanaians.

He applauded the president and his team “for being on top of the game handling this Covid-19 situation. We all appreciate but I know it’s not going to be an easy task especially for a developing county like Ghana. A whole lot of resources will be needed. A whole lot of funds will be needed and I’m pretty sure the government will do their best. But I still feel as a people, we need to support in our own way cus it’s really not gonna affect us, you know we have relatives that they are also at risk at the same time”.

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The rapper who is far away from home is being nostalgic already. Home will always be the more secure, safer and happy place to be. He assured his fans that he will return to Ghana as soon as the borders are opened.

“I really do miss home but as much as I miss home I totally understand these measures taken to control the pandemic for everyone’s safety”.


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