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The “Beefs” In The Ghanaian Entertainment Industry: A Hassle To Be Scrutinized.

Controversies and beefs have been existent in the Ghanaian Entertainment industry for some time now. One of the most memorable one is the beef that was between dancehall artistes Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy which made the 2019 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards(VGMA) end in a shambolic manner.

The influx of beefs in the entertainment industry have received variety of reactions from most people including social media users as well as some people in the industry. Does the influx of ‘beefs’ in the industry promote the craft of those involved? A bunch of questions runs through the minds of most people concerning the ongoing beefs between celebrities. Now, the question posed is ‘what started all this?.

Currently, there have been beefs amongst some female celebrities in Ghana, Sister Derby, Fella Makafui, Sista Afia, Eno Barony, Freda Rhymz but to mention a few.

This whole beef saga commenced when Sister Derby also known as ‘the African Mermaid’ wished her ex-boyfriend, Medikal a happy birthday tagging him as her ‘sweet ex’ . She posted a picture of herself and Medikal kissing each other. The picture she posted on her page on Medikal’s birthday got most people wondering. This led to a lot of controversies around Sister Derby, Medikal and Fella Makafui. Sister Derby went on to release a song titled ‘sweet ex’ which got social media buzzing.

As a married woman, Fella Makui felt ‘threatened’ and reacted to sister Derby’s ‘sweet ex’ by releasing a song titled ‘over’ on April 13, which also went viral on social media.
‘Over’ was composed probably to indirectly inform Sister Derby that Medikal is now married to her (Fella) so she shouldn’t dare to come close to him because it is ‘over’. She later released another song titled ‘No size’, Fella was still on Sister Derby’s matter with ‘No size’ which was released two days after ‘Over’ was released.

It seemed the beef was dying down when Sista Afia, Eno Barony and Freda Rhymz started ‘beefing’ amongst one another.

Looking at these series of events meticulously, Sista Afia is a friend of Medikal and Fella and she may have been told by Medikal to continue with the beef whilst Fella ceases it. This decision may have been due to the fact that Medikal perceives Fella isn’t supposed to involve herself in beefs anymore because she is married now.

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On April 21st, Sista Afia made a post on her instagram emphasizing on the fact that some Ghanaians in the industry are fake. She added that she tries to be cool with everyone but it seems most people are taking her leniency to be her weakness. Right after that post, she dropped ‘WMT’ produced by Chinese Beats.

Six days after, Freda Rhymz dropped ‘KMT’. Listening to the song critically, it can be realistically deduced that she was referring to Sista Afia. She mentioned in her song that Sista Afia is not a rapper but a singer which is true and therefore a correlation can be seen in this statement.

On May 1, Ghanaian rapper, Eno Barony also dropped ‘Rap Goddess’. Speculations were made that she was referring to Sista Afia. However, it is unknown as to how and what Sista Afia did to Eno Barony or otherwise after the release of ‘Rap Goddess’.

Sista Afia, to display her prowess released another song titled ‘You Got Nerves’ indirectly referring to Freda and Eno for reacting to the release of ‘WMT’ on May 1.

To exhibit and flaunt her rap skills, the rap Goddess, Eno Barony released another banger titled ‘Argument done’ to reply to Sister Afia. ‘Arguement done’ May mean that she (Eno Barony) is done with the ongoing arguments and controversies because everyone knows she’s the rap goddess. She didn’t spare Medikal too since it has been speculated that Medikal wrote the verses of ‘You Got Nerves’ for Sista Afia to indirectly take a swipe at her(Eno). Listening to the rap of Sista Afia, it is vividly clear that the rap was written by Medikal.

Speaking on the issue of presence, are these celebrities pretending and just want to promote their craft and brand?

The very day sista Afia dropped ‘WMT’, Eno Barony commented “Allah best rapper” and sista Afia replied “you be queen” attaching love emojis. It can be deduced from from this scenario firstly that Sista Afia’s WMT’ was not meant for Eno Barony. If it was meant for her, she wouldn’t have made that comment on sista Afia’s post. Secondly, why will Eno Barony release a diss song for sista Afia when there’s nothing to show that they have or have had an unhealthy relationship before the release of Eno’s ‘Rap Goddess’?. Are they just pretending to be beefing to promote their craft and their brand?

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I think these celebrities are beefing to promote their brand and their craft. This is because if there’s no evidence to show that sista Afia was referring to Eno Barony or Freda Rhymz in the first place, why would Eno release ‘Rap Goddess’.
Also, if Eno and Sista Afia has issues, why would Eno comment when sista Afia posted the snippet for ‘WMT’ giving her some accolades attaching love emojis. This is becoming suspicious . It’s looks like these whole beef thing is staged for the purpose of promoting their brands and craft.

Some other artistes have aired their views on this issue. Some say beefing in the industry is healthy because it entertains people especially in this covid-19 period. However, they gave certain negative effects of it stating that it can get worst when taken personal referring to what happened between Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy which made the attendees of the 2019 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) flee for their lives when Stonebwoy pulled out a gun.

Are these celebrities beefing to promote their brand and craft? Or there’s a top-secret somewhere leading to these issues in the industry? These top- secrets may include their yearn to trend so badly so promote their craft.
Apparently, these beefs amongst these female celebrities looks staged up!

Is it that Ghanaians are excited over beefs? Is it that celebrities in the industry like promoting hatred amongst themselves? It looks like these celebrities in the industry are promoting hatred amongst themselves looking at the countless beefs we’ve had during the past and present. The sad aspect is that all these beefs and controversies are projecting a bad image of Ghana to the international community and this explains how we behave as a people. Having little or no love at all and backbiting each other. Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale brought up beefs, Sarkodie and Manifest did same. Wendy Shay has jabbed some of her colleagues countless times behind the scenes in her music. It’s now Sista Afia, Freda Rhymz, Eno Barony and Sister Derby bringing out beefs. What do these celebrities seek to achieve? What do we seek to achieve as a country? Do we have to always gain the spotlight this way?

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