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SIRJones Twum Drops ‘Fill This Place’ From His Upcoming EP Dubbed “Dwell”

Ghanaian-UK-based gospel musician, SIRJones Twum has finally released his much anticipated single ‘Fill This Place.’

The ‘Thank you Jesus’ hitmaker spoke with Ghanaarticles.com in an exclusive interview and spoke about the song which was released a few days ago and is available on all streaming platforms.

On this song, he featured one of the sensational gospel musicians in Ghana, MoG music.

He described the experience as efficient because MoG did not make it difficult for the feature to happen at all and he was glad that move was made. In his own words, he said ;

“When I received the song, his voice was what I was hearing over the melody but I was a bit reluctant as I didn’t have any contact with him then.

After trying to replace the voice in every possible way, I failed to achieve what I received with what I was hearing in the production, so I was thinking, how could I work around this?

It hit me to go back to the original voice so I eventually reached out to him and he agreed to get on it. The process was quick and very time efficient. I’m glad I made the move.”

SIRJones Twum, who  hasn’t  done any major project after his last release, Korkorbo(Atemuda) said this when asked why ;

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“I wasn’t totally off though, I was doing covers to bless souls but then again, I believe just as Ecclesiastes 3:11 affirms, ‘He has made everything beautiful in His time’. I believe I’m in God’s timing, as his timing is the best. One mantra I live my life by is ‘if it must be done, it must be done well’ . As a result, I’d rather take my time to achieve the best I can than do it haphazardly. God deserves our very best.”

SIRJones is mostly known for his Afrobeats-like gospel songs which makes him extremely unique in the industry. His unique style always informs his lyrics and makes his songs stand out every time it hits the ears.

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Speaking on what influenced the lyrics of the particular song, he explained that they were curated out of his unending desire to fellowship and stay in God’s presence.

“I believe the lyrics of this song were borne out of my quest or desire to be in the presence of God. As in His presence, there is Liberty. So the only twist I did was to use the first-person plural in the composition of the lyrics to supplicate the same quest for God’s manifest presence in our lives as we sing it,” he said.

In his over 1 decade of doing music, SIRJones Twum has two powerful albums(“ Aseda Soronko” and “Rhema” to his credit, with hit songs “Nyame Aseda” and “Nyame Obolobo”)  and  5 excellent singles plus this upcoming ‘Dwell” EP which is set to be released soon.

Watch the video of ‘Fill This Place ‘ below


Source: Ghanaarticles.com

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