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People In Scotland Can Meet Indoors From 10 July

People in Scotland will be allowed to meet indoors from 10 July, and pubs and restaurants can reopen from 15 July, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said.

Announcing changes to the Scottish government’s route out of lockdown, Sturgeon said travel distance restrictions which see people forced to stay within five miles of their home will be relaxed on 3 July, along with the opening of self catering accommodation.

Sturgeon said the move was possible thanks to “real and sustained progress” in suppressing the virus.

She added that beer gardens and other outdoor venues would be able to reopen on 6 July and all other pubs and restaurants would be able to open on 15 July, if progress continues.

Shopping centres as well as barbers and hairdressers will also be allowed to reopen on 15 July.

Venues will be subject to physical distancing measures along with “a number of conditions” being followed, Sturgeon said.

She said the advice on the two-metre rule will be reported on by 2 July.

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