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One Person Arrested in Connection With the Murder of Christopher Adu Boahen

In relation to the tragic death of Dr. Christopher Adu Boahen, the son of former New Patriotic Party (NPP) Presidential candidate Professor Adu Boahen, the police have taken a significant step forward by apprehending a suspect.

According to a statement released by the authorities on Tuesday, they were alerted by the deceased’s relatives, who expressed concerns about the circumstances surrounding his demise. Dr. Adu Boahen was discovered lifeless in his residence, prompting the swift deployment of a team comprising investigators and forensic experts to the scene to launch a thorough inquiry.

The police statement confirmed the arrest of a suspect in connection with the incident, assuring the public that the individual is currently in custody.

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Legal proceedings are imminent as the suspect is slated to appear before the court while investigations into the matter persist. The apprehension marks a pivotal development in the quest for justice following the untimely passing of Dr. Christopher Adu Boahen, shedding light on potential leads and avenues for further scrutiny.

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