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Military officer killed in Kasoa over land dispute

A tragic incident unfolded on Tuesday, April 30, in Millenium City, Kasoa, resulting in the death of a military officer amidst a heated land dispute. Two other officers narrowly escaped a similar fate.

Reports indicate that the deceased, along with the other officers, confronted individuals working on a land claimed to have been purchased by one of them. Winnebo Ndego confirmed the land transaction but stated that the officers faced opposition from a group of individuals led by Fiifi, alleged to be a land guard, hindering further development.

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Despite previous reports to the police, the situation remained unresolved. On the fateful day, the officers visited the land to find workers stationed there. They requested the workers to cease their activities and accompany them to the police station for resolution.

The workers disagreed, escalating the argument. The officers decided to return to the police station for a follow-up, only to be informed that their case had been forwarded to the Central East Regional Police Command.

As they proceeded to the Regional Command, they were allegedly ordered by Benlord Ababio, also known as Nana Ben, a sub-chief, to stop following up on the case. The officers refused and continued to the Regional Command. Nana Ben then allegedly opened fire on their vehicle, a private Toyota RAV4, killing one officer instantly.

The deceased officer’s body has been transported to the hospital, and police investigations are pending. The Ghana Armed Forces is yet to comment on the tragic loss of one of its officers.

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