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Kidi Embarrassed And Sacked From Interview For Appearing Late.

Kidi has been humiliated for appearing late for an interview he has been booked for on Accra Fm.

Nana Romeo, the presenter couldn’t hide his frustration on the fact that Kidi is late and unleashed his anger on him. According to him, it was the second time kidi has appeared late to his interview on the channel.

The time is 11:25, it is left with just 35 minutes and you are now here. What time are we going to use to do the interview? Last time you did the same and apologized but you’ve made it happen again. I feel embarrassed”.

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The singer replied “I don’t understand why you are attacking me. It’s not nice”.

However the presenter added “I have to do that because anytime I book interviews, nobody has done this to me so you should tell me why. Say it so I want to know if the problem is with the show or the host. I’ve told your P.A , we can’t do the interview again time is far spent”.

Replying to the presenter, the singer said: “If the interview won’t happen fine, I apologize again. I don’t mean to disrespect anybody, it’s just fine. I don’t like the way I’ve been spoken to this morning but it’s ok. I apologize for being late”. After, he walked out.

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