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How To Use Your Nose Masks -Ministry Of Health.

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected most countries globally. It has as well created negative effects on the global economy.

One way to prevent this global pandemic is to wear a nose mask to protect yourself whenever you step out of your home.

The Ministry of Health has made it mandatory for everyone to use a nose mask especially where it may be difficult to adhere to the social distancing protocol.

The wearing of the nose masks has also been made mandatory due to the rise in the confirmed cases in the country.

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The ministry has also laid down the right procedures to follow when using the face mask whether re-usable or not.

These are the following procedures.

•Do not use the face mask for more than 12 hours.
•Replace the mask immediately it changes in color, shape.
•After using a reusable mask, prepare warm water and add soap and dip the mask into the warm water with soap after removing.
•Leave in the water for 5 to 10 minutes before washing.
•Rinse, dry and iron before reuse.
• Do not reuse surgical masks or the N 95 masks.

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•Do not touch the surface of your masks with uncleaned hands.
•Dispose all used masks into a bin or set it ablaze at a safe place.
•Wash hands immediately with soap under running water for at least 20 seconds after using the mask or sanitize your hands with an alcohol based sanitizer.

Follow these precautions carefully and help drive Coronavirus away. Stay safe.

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