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How to Tell if a Girl Likes You Over WhatsApp Text: 28 Signs You Can’t Miss

Girls may seen mysterious, but if you know the exact signs to look for, knowing how to tell if a girl likes you over text can be a real breeze.

You like her. But how do you know if SHE likes YOU back? It seems like girls are a mystery, but there are very clear signs that a girl likes you over text if you just look for them in the right places. Do you want to know how to tell if a girl likes you over text?

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Just read on, and you’ll discover it all in no time.

  1. She initiates the conversation

If she’s the one who texts you first, even for no reason like just asking “what are you up to?” then there’s a good chance that she digs you.

Girls are known to prefer being texted than texting guys first, so if she makes this much effort to start communication with you, chances are that you are in her good graces.

2. She texts frequently

If you just spent the whole night texting each other, and the next day you wake up to a good morning text from her asking for more of those text conversations, she’s definitely into you.

Careful though, there’s a chance she might end up being text-clingy girlfriend if you two start dating.

3. She replies immediately

For a guy, there is nothing more agonizing than waiting for your crush to reply your text message. There are times that replies end up coming hours or days late.

So when a girl replies immediately within minutes after sending a message, it’s a sure sign that she likes you.

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4. She texts you frequent updates

Another sign that a girl likes you over text is if she says things like, “Hey, I’m getting a pedicure, what’s up?” or “Ordered some food” and other superficial information that you wouldn’t even care to know. It’s a sign that she wants your attention.

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5. She texts and replies immediately even if she’s busy

If she’s busy with work, school, or some other preoccupation, yet still looks forward and maintains text conversations, it only means that she thinks you are worthy.

6. She writes lengthy replies with a lot of follow-ups.

It’s pretty well known that girls are chattier than men, and even more chatty to people who they like and trust. When a girl who likes you sends a text, it is usually lengthy, chock full of details, open-ended in order to keep the conversation going.

7. She copies your texting style

This happens to all of us. If you like someone, you inevitably start using the same phrases or emojis as the other person. So if you’ve being using a phrase or few emojis she previously wouldn’t use, and now she’s been using it all the time with you, chances are, she’s really into you.

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8. She’ll notice if you don’t text her or reduce your conversations

When she asks, “Hey are okay? You haven’t been texting lately?” that is a sure sign that she likes you. Suddenly reducing communciation will not go unnoticed and will be followed up by a prying question. Trust me, this is one of the obvious signs that a girl likes you over text.

9. She spells her words in a cute way

Extra vowels, all caps, and baby-talk spellings are signs that she’s trying to get you to notice her and shower her with attention.

10. Lots and lots of emoticons

If she includes hearts, emojis, and smiley faces in every text message, then she might be into you, or at least it means something good. And you would also notice moments where the emoticons outnumber the words themselves.

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11. She teases you

Remember that teasing is a sign that she’s comfortable in a way that she expects you to be okay with it. It means that you are closer than normal friends. Or at least she wants you to be.

Teasing is also a sign of interest because she wants to elicit an emotional response from you.

12. She sends text giggles

LOL, ROFL, LMAO, HAHAs, and laughing emojis are not only a sign that she’s entertained, it’s also a way to say that you are funny, albeit virtually.

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13. She makes it clear you’re important to her

Has she ever told you, you’re special to her? Or has she been slightly annoyed because you shared some important news a bit later in the day? If she makes it clear that you’re important to her, or if she wants to be one of the first people to hear any news about you, she’s making it pretty clear that you have a soft spot in her heart. and also that she really cares about you!

14. She sends you quotes from a book, or lines from her favorite movies or songs

This is called “creativity flirting” where she flaunts her interests to you to appeal to your creative side. It is a sign that she wants to know more about you.

15. She sends you her photo

Girls can be guarded when someone ask for thier photos. So if she sends you a photo of her even if you didn’t ask for it, chances are that she’s very interested in you.

These are the first 15 of out 28 signs clear signs that a girl likes you over text. Watch out for the remaining tomorrow.

If you have any addition to this, you can drop it in the comment section for others to learn from it.

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