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8 Places You Must Never Put Your Phone



Most of us are so addicted to phone for some certain reasons. Getting in contact with people, getting some where anytime, checking on friends latest update are some of the reasons people get addicted to their phones.

There are lot of risk which are related to cell phones and your health causing major health problem. Therefore it is important to know the health problems, how cell phone causes it and how to prevent it.

Most of go out with our phones placed in different places but research proved that there are some places that is unhealthy for a person to put his/her phone.

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Most of the time we think that phones are making life easy for us not knowing that it is very harmful to our health. Below are 8 places you should never put your phone.

1. On a charger

Charging Your Phone Overnight: Battery Myths Debunked | PCMag

At times, when you are going to bed at night, you tend to leave your phone on the charger, it won’ t damage your phone but the battery of your phone will be damaged which reduces the phone life span.

2. Your Back Pocket:

Putting phone in your back pocket can damage your phone badly. Most of the time you forget your phone in the back pocket and you can sit on it at any time.

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Close-up portrait of a black smartphone in the back pocket of a girl's  jeans stock photo 20881f51-0b9d-400c-8393-fb02fd384617

Sitting on your phone can damage the phone badly. You can lose it without knowing.

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3. Your front pocket:

Places You Should Never Keep Your Phone | The Healthy

This is majorly dangerous for men because the magnetic radiation of smartphone which is emmited can reduce the quantity of man sperm cell.

4. Against your skin:

Your cell phone contains lot of germs. Most of us take cell phones to toilet where lot of germs get into it.

8 Places you should never keep your phone - Graphic Showbiz Online

It is one of the things that causes acne on the face as placing the phone on the face, it transfer the germs from the surface of the phone to the face.

5. Your Bra:

Most of us are fond of putting your phones in your bra forgetting that it can ring at anytime.

Scientists Reveal the 10 Places Where It's Not a Good Idea to Keep Your  Phone

Placing phones inside the bra increases risks of getting breast cancer which is a very dangerous disease that can lead to death.

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6. Under Your Pillow:

Habits of keeping phones under the pillow is rampant among people which is not a good thing for the health.

Under Pillow HD Stock Images | Shutterstock

Radiation from the phone causes dizziness and headache. Notifications entering your phone can meddle with the with your sleep and keep you up all night.

7. On Your Laps:

Having said a other parts, this is not really common among lot of people but we find series of persons putting their phones on their laps which can weaken the bone of the lap at high rate causing leg problems.

8. In a stroller:

Most parents does this unknowingly putting the life of their child on the line. People do this out of ignorance not knowing the health consequences of what they are simply doing.

Two Nomads Stroller Phone Holder - Baby Little Planet

The radiation from the phone can cause serious health problems to the child in the stroller. It is related to diseases like HDAD and hyper activity.

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After reading this article I hope you would have a great insight on how harmful it is to place your phone on the places listed above.

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What governments all over the world are doing after COVID



What governments all over the world are doing after COVID in 2022.

One of the most important ways that societies intervene to buffer the adverse consequences of socioeconomic disadvantage is through the provision of social assistance. Social assistance refers to government programs that provide a minimum level of income support to individuals and households living in poverty.

When people talk about people receiving public assistance – food stamps, disability, unemployment payments, and other government help – they often have stereotypes and inaccurate perceptions of who those people are and what their lives are like.

This view of some people is affecting policy for the growing ranks of our nation’s poor, says a new report from a joint project from Save the Children and the Center for American Progress. The report compares the U.S. means of measuring economic opportunity and poverty with the experience of other countries, including five peer nations on the same income scale. It shows that people in many peer countries are given assistance as a matter of public policy, and these nations tend to view welfare programs as a short-term emergency measure.

Many countries like the U.S and spend significantly more taxpayer money on assistance than peer countries. After a few years of assistance, people on welfare in the U.S. have a much more difficult time finding jobs, according to the recent National Survey of Transitional Assistance Providers. These programs lend support either in the form of direct cash transfers or through a variety of in-kind benefits (e.g. food stamps and rent subsidies). Social assistance has been shown to strengthen the purchasing power of the poor and raise their material standards of living.

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However, the government does not provide these social assistance programs to ensure marginalized populations are treated fairly, the report says. In fact, U.S. policy determines participation by significant factors, such as the stigma associated with poverty.

Many social programs determine eligibility before a person’s need for support. They include the U.S. Earned Income Tax Credit, which provides an additional tax refund to working families. Similarly, these benefits are made available only to the poor, as with food stamps and Medicaid eligibility. The report finds positive signs.

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Throughout the world, government assistance helps increase your odds of getting a job, incorporates receiving benefits (by lowering the barriers to receive), raises your wages, and reduces the chances of falling into poverty. This means people who receive the assistance are less likely to experience long-term poverty.

Some nations take a deliberate approach to the provision of social assistance because they view the social support system as integral to promoting social and economic mobility. In many cases, straight into the workforce programs and an expansion.

Access to jobs is crucial to moving families out of poverty. Unemployment and disability, for example, only benefit people when they work. A policy reform could make the social safety net more effective.

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Nigeria’s secret police have warned of possible bomb attacks during celebrations for Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

In a statement, spokesperson Peter Afunanya said the Department of State Services (DSS) had uncovered a plot by suspected gangs to carry out attacks on critical infrastructure, places of worship and recreation centres.

The warning comes after recent explosions at bars in the north-eastern states of Taraba and Yobe that killed several people.

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Russia Cuts Off Gas Supplies To Bulgaria And Poland



Russia Cuts Off Gas Supplies To Bulgaria And Poland

The Russian energy giant Gazprom says it has cut off all gas deliveries to both Bulgaria and Poland after both countries refused to start paying for the supplies in roubles.

Earlier, both Polish and Bulgarian energy providers said they had received official notices from the Russian gas supplier that deliveries were due to be cut.

Gazprom’s announcement comes after some confusion earlier this morning, when data showed gas supplies into Poland through Belarus temporarily reduced to zero before resuming.

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Bulgaria’s gas network had also said the country was still receiving Russian gas as of this morning.

We are yet to see any data of gas volumes into Poland or Bulgaria since Gazprom’s announcement just now.




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