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Five Things All Men Wish to Tell Their Women But They Will Never Say It Out; Especially Number 4 & 5



No one enjoys explaining that there is something missing from their relationship with their significant other.

Not voicing certain concerns might help keep things calm and happy on the surface, but it denies both people the opportunity to repair any deeper problems.

The issues might be minor, but that does not mean that someone should have to pretend that their significant other is meeting all of their needs when they are not or that things are perfect in the relationship when they are not.

Both men and women often have a sense of how they are “supposed” to act in a relationship.

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Some of those stereotypes have thankfully fallen by the wayside. Many men, for example, understand that their girlfriend might work longer hours or make more money than they do.

That said, there are still some lingering and unspoken societal expectations that men and women struggle to escape. In fact, they may have trouble voicing their discontent with their expected role in the first place.

Here are five things every man wishes he could tell his woman;

1. I Like Compliments Too

Women are seen as being more appearance-conscious than men, and men are told repeatedly that women like compliments.

As such, one of the first things a man will do when he meets a woman he is interested in is compliment her.

These compliments often continue throughout a relationship, but men sometimes struggle to articulate that they would like to receive some compliments of their own, not just give them.

Men like to be complimented as well, and like women, they like to hear about more than just their appearance. Everyone is flattered when a person they are attracted to tells them they are attractive, but most people want to be told they have other good qualities besides their appearance.

Men would love to hear more often that they are funny, honorable, responsible, kind or a good person. They simply do not know how to articulate this to their significant others.

2. Please Notice the Little Things I Do Right, Not Just What I Get Wrong

When two people are living more or less on top of each other, the little annoyances can build up quickly into a serious problem.

The fact that one person insists on leaving their dishes in the sink for the other to put in the dishwasher may seem minor to the person ignoring their dishes.

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To the person left cleaning up after their partner, they begin to feel like they are not being listened to or respected. This is a much larger issue than a few dirty dishes.

It has built up into a problem that could jeopardize the whole relationship.

As such, many people do sweat the small stuff in a relationship, and women have a reputation of being the ones to get short with their man when he insists on leaving his dirty socks on the floor instead of throwing them in a hamper.

Men have complained, both seriously and semi-jokingly, about how women tend to have a short fuse with the little things for decades.

That said, most of them would never admit that they wish their significant others would pay equal attention to the little things they do right.

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If their partner is going to spend hours stewing over a few socks on the floor or a couple of dishes in the sink, would it kill them to take 30 seconds to appreciate that their man folded the laundry, ran the vacuum or took the dog to the vet that afternoon?

3. I Have Never Noticed the Tiny Flaws You Obsess Over

Women’s beauty routines are said to be a mystery to most men. Women vanish into a bathroom and come out an hour later looking, to a man, little different despite the woman insisting that she only looks presentable now.

Women are known to obsess over their appearance, but most men are oblivious to the minor flaws about which so many women stress.

The vast majority of men have no idea that their woman feels her eyelashes need more curl, the hairline scar on her chin is must be hidden under foundation or that her thighs touch is a big deal to her.

The average man has never noticed that scar, never heard of a thigh gap and thinks an eyelash curler looks more like a device from an Inquisitor’s bag of torture devices than a beauty tool.

The man is too busy enjoying that she is his significant other to notice those tiny imperfections.

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4. I Like Being Romanced Too
Almost every woman on Earth enjoys romantic gestures. Receiving a dozen red roses from a significant other is practically a romantic cliché, but there is a reason the classic gestures of affection continue to survive. Most women enjoy receiving flowers, jewelry, chocolates, candlelight dinners and other traditional romantic gestures.

Many men like to romance their significant others because they enjoy making their loved ones happy. That said, they would appreciate it if they were on the receiving end of some romance, too.

They would like to receive a surprise gift, an unexpected dinner out or a sweet gesture.

This can be anything from cooking their favorite dinner to insisting on paying for the movie tickets. Men are often told that they are meant to give the romantic gestures, not receive them, but that does not mean men are not craving a little romance themselves.

5. Don’t Ask me to ‘Man up’ When I Need to Break Down

Men are traditionally taught that they need to be strong at all times. This, however, is completely impossible. Everyone needs to be able to be vulnerable and break down at some point. A significant other should be someone safe with whom a man can be emotional or weak.

Classic 105 Kenya on Twitter: "Mwalimu Kingangi: Why can't women let go of  men completely after they have broken up? Why can't they just move on?  #MainaAndKingangi…"

Unfortunately, some women have no idea how to handle a man who is breaking down. He may act like he is angry at himself and wants nothing more than to pull it together. Women take this at face value and try to help him “man up.”

The man, however, may actually want permission to simply cry on someone’s shoulder. They do not want to admit that they break down at all, but most men crave having a significant other who is willing to step up and be the strong one when their man needs a break.




Thousands Ghanaian Youth Storm El-Wak Stadium For Medical Screening Ahead of Army Recruitment [Photos]



Thousands Ghanaian Youth Storm El-Wak Stadium For Medical Screening Ahead of Army Recruitment [Photos]

Thousands of Ghanaians on Monday, July 19 thronged the El Wak Sports Stadium in Accra to participate in the documentation and medical screening process for recruitment into the Ghana Army.

These people, according to the Commanding Officer for the 5th Infantry Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Prince Tandoh, include Senior High School graduates, and degree and diploma holders.

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The screening process, which began as early as 7 am on Monday, will end on Saturday, July 24, 2021.

Some applicants had been at the stadium as early as 5:00 am.

The Army is looking at recruiting about 1,000 persons who will take an aptitude test as the next stage for recruitment.

Thousands Ghanaian Youth Storm El-Wak Stadium For Medical Screening Ahead of Army Recruitment [Photos]

Thousands Ghanaian Youth Storm El-Wak Stadium For Medical Screening Ahead of Army Recruitment [Photos]

Lt Col. Tandoh said the military had done their best to adhere to coronavirus safety protocols.

“Only those with print out forms will be allowed to come in, and you can also see we have sanitisers and veronica buckets around, so we are doing our best to maintain the protocols.”

Some persons who took part in the process say, although it has been stressful, they are hopeful of being among the few who will be recruited.

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“As I entered, I felt pressure because the people here were too many. I did not even expect to finish early,” one of the applicants said.

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Good News Hits Groupe Nduom After Gold Coast Securities Wins GH¢174m Judgment



The Commercial Division of an Accra High Court On Thursday 15, July 2021, presided over by Justice Shiela Minta ordered Health Network Company (Healthnet) to pay GH¢174 million to the Ghana Growth Fund Company/Gold Coast Advisors, a Groupe Nduom Company.

The High Court also awarded a cost of GH¢50,000 to the lawyer of the Plaintiffs.

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This is the first of a number of court cases pending before the law courts, that were initiated by Groupe Nduom companies.

They involve private sector companies, government agencies and regulators.

Groupe Nduom in a statement said it believes that when all is said and done, the allegations of wrongdoing made against specific Groupe Nduom companies and shareholders will be put to rest.

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This particular suit, it explained, was started by Writ of Summons and Statement of Claim issued at the Registry of High Court, Accra, Commercial Division dated 11th October 2019.

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After failed attempts to get all the four defendants to be served in the ordinary manner prescribed by the Court rules, an application was brought before the court for substituted service to enable the plaintiff to serve the defendants by substitution which application was granted.


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Govt Announces Tuesday, July 20 As Public Holiday



The government, through the Interior Ministry, has declared Tuesday, July 20, 2021, as a public holiday as Muslims celebrate their annual Eid-ul-Adha.

This was announced in a statement issued by the sector Minister, Ambrose Dery.

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“The general public is hereby informed that Tuesday, 20th July 2021, which marks Eid-ul-Adha, is a statutory public holiday and should be observed as such throughout the country,” the statement read.

Eid-ul-Adha is an Islamic festival to commemorate the willingness of Ibrahim, also known as Abraham, to follow Allah’s (God’s) command to sacrifice his son.

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Muslims across the world started this year’s month-long fasting on April 13, to mark the eighth month of the Islamic calendar.

The festival is commemorated by offering special prayers and slaughtering livestock, usually a goat, sheep, or a cow.

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The National Chief Imam, Sheikh Dr Osman Nuhu Sharubutu, has announced that this year’s national Eid-ul Adha prayers will be marked inside the new Mosque Complex at Kawkudi on the Kanda highway in strict adherence to the covid-19 safety protocols.

Read the full statement below:


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