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Actor Eddie Watson Donated His TV Set To His Church To Provoke God’s Blessings – MzGee Discloses

Entertainment Journalist, MzGee has disclosed a secret about the success of Ghanaian actor, Eddie Watson.

In an interview with Nkonkonsa.com, MzGee affirmed that the actor is seeing much progress and prosperity in his acting career because he took a bold step of faith years back.

According to her, she is not surprised that the actor is giving his colleague actors a huge competition because, in his abject poverty, he donated his television set to his church to provoke the blessings of God upon him.

”I saw Eddie Watson, when I was living in Teshie, carry his 21 inches television to church to sow because he didn’t have money…And when I see what he has done with his life today, I say to him I know it’s the seed you sowed and I don’t know that he told God but I feel like that seed of carrying your 21-inch television at the time you had nothing is what is bearing fruit now.”

To MzGee, there are some people who have a unique grace upon them and no matter what any person does to bring them down, they’ll keep shining.

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She also disclosed the source of her own success saying ”I am not the best of persons when it comes to spirituality but I cling to only God. There’s no power anywhere else for me. And I hold Him and I carry Him as the only thing…Everything that you see happens in my life in this media circles was prophesied before it even happened at the time, even me who was being told this, I didn’t understand what I was being told. And I know that I have interceded for years”.


Source: Peacefmonline.com

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