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 Yhaw Hero Drops Debut EP “Yours Faithfully”

Ghanaian artist Yhaw Hero has made a resounding entry into the music scene with the launch of his much-anticipated debut EP titled “Yours Faithfully.” The EP serves as an intimate expression from the rapper to his audience, offering a deeper glimpse into his life experiences and perspectives.

Amidst great anticipation, Yhaw Hero’s EP has finally hit the airwaves, offering listeners an open letter that delves into the artist’s personal journey and reflections. The project is a testament to his commitment to sharing his story and connecting with his fanbase on a more personal level.

Ahead of the EP release, fans were treated to tracks like ‘Bra Fie’ and ’11 Six,’ which served as teasers for what was to come. ‘Bra Fie’ conveyed a heartfelt promise from Yhaw Hero to his mother, assuring her that despite his absence due to pursuing his dreams, he would return victorious. Conversely, ’11 Six’ delved into societal issues, addressing the struggles faced by the youth and shedding light on the prevalent issues of ineffective leadership in the political sphere. The song serves as both an advocacy and a protest against the existing status quo.

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Comprising seven tracks and featuring Nigerian sensation Jeriq, the EP stands out for its meticulous songwriting and production quality. “Yours Faithfully” has been gaining traction steadily since its release, earning positive feedback from fans and critics alike.

Yhaw Hero’s EP, “Yours Faithfully,” is now available for streaming on various digital platforms worldwide, marking the artist’s impactful debut and solidifying his presence in the music industry with its compelling narratives and engaging soundscapes.

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