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OSP Urged to Respect Due Process in Fighting Corruption by Ghana Bar Association

The Ghana Bar Association’s Public Relations Officer, Saviour Kudze, highlighted the association’s stance in support of combating corruption while maintaining strict adherence to due process in legal proceedings. Emphasizing the court’s commitment to upholding procedural norms, Kudze urged the Special Prosecutor, Kissi Agyebeng, to refrain from engaging in media disputes regarding case handling and instead navigate the established legal channels thoroughly.

Kudze stressed the importance of following procedural steps, questioning whether Agyebeng had exhausted all avenues within the legal framework before raising concerns about case management. He underlined the court’s dedication to due process, warning against deviations that might jeopardize the integrity of legal procedures.

The commentary came after Agyebeng’s remarks regarding the necessity of free access to courts for the accused while advocating for non-interference by the judiciary in investigative and prosecutorial matters falling within statutory authority.

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Furthermore, Agyebeng raised concerns about recent judicial decisions perceived as obstructive to the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP). He expressed apprehension that certain rulings might set precedents hindering corruption investigations, potentially leading to individuals seeking legal shelter against probes.

Agyebeng cautioned against any rift between the judiciary and the OSP, emphasizing the adverse implications for the nation’s fight against corruption. He urged for a collaborative approach to preserve the country’s integrity in combating corruption.

The statements made by Kudze and Agyebeng emphasize the delicate balance between combating corruption and adhering strictly to legal procedures, reflecting the ongoing challenges in navigating Ghana’s anti-corruption landscape.

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