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Twitter Turns Bloody As Lydia Forson And Twitter Users Fight Over Kojo Nkrumah’s Comments On Non-Tax Payers Demanding For FixTheCountry

Award-winning Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson says Information Minister, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah should stop making people think some Ghanaians are not paying their taxes.

Recently, the Information Minister said about 33,000 Ghanaian professional, accountants, lawyers, and engineers are not paying taxes in the country but they are demanding everything to be fixed.

According to him, they should first pay their due 10% taxes before demanding the country to be fixed.

‘Media and Marketing Communication Post COVID-19: a Catalyst for Africa’s Socio-Economic Resurgence’, he said “You have to convince the 33,000 engineers, lawyers, accountants and other professionals who are not paying tax according to the Ghana Revenue Authority, yet, are asking for everything to be fixed that they have to pay their due if we are to rake in the 10% of our GDP and lower our borrowing and you need the help of the marketing-communications professional and the media to succeed at that”.

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Reacting to the Kojo Nkrumah’s claim, Miss Forson revealed the topic about taxes is so disingenuous and annoys her.

According to thw actress, every Ghanaian pays tax in one form or the other, however, if Mr Kojo Nkrumah is talking about income taxes then he’s right.

“But STOP making people believe we contribute nothing but expect something,” Lydia Forson added.

The actress also charged the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) to chase the big companies who don’t pay taxes and punish them to serve an example to others.

Meanwhile, some Ghanaians who did not agree with the actress voiced out their opinion.

A Twitter user with the named Samuel Boateng charged Miss Forson to do her background check well before jumping into conclusion. He also urged the actress to stop politicizing everything.

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His comment did not sit well Miss Forson who also gave a killer reply to him.

Another user also argued that the reason why Ghana borrow a lot from foreign countries could be as a result of many Ghanaians who don’t pay taxes.

Miss Forson replied asking him to point out where she said there is a problem with Ghanaians paying taxes.

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