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I Will Not Embark on Another Cook-a-thon Attempt

Failatu Abdul Razak, better known as Chef Faila, the renowned culinary expert from Ghana, has announced her decision not to pursue another attempt at breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking marathon.

This decision comes after Chef Faila was disqualified by the Guinness World Record team for reasons including incorrect time breaks. During an interview on GTV with host Kafui Dey, Chef Faila discussed her future plans regarding another cook-a-thon.

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Instead of another record attempt, Chef Faila has decided to capitalize on the platform and opportunities provided by her previous cooking marathon experience. She plans to focus her efforts on diverse projects that will contribute significantly to society and the nation.

Despite the disqualification, Chef Faila remains determined to make a positive impact through alternative ventures that align with her culinary expertise and passion.

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