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Davido Praises Stonebwoy and Wife for Delicious Fufu He Ate at Their House, Sparks Debate Between Nigerians

In a social media post that has ignited a spirited online discourse, Nigerian music icon Davido recently showered praise on a sumptuous fufu and light soup meal served to him during a visit to the home of Ghanaian artist Stonebwoy. His effusive appreciation for the Ghanaian dish, particularly crediting Stonebwoy’s wife, Dr. Louisa, for the delightful treat, triggered a wave of discussions and banter among netizens from both countries.

The post by Davido, which highlighted his satisfaction with the meal, garnered significant attention and reactions, with Ghanaians seizing the opportunity to showcase their culinary prowess and Nigerians engaging in light-hearted banter, expressing intrigue and curiosity about the celebrated Ghanaian dish.

The online dialogue quickly gained momentum, with comments flooding in from various social media users. While some Ghanaians took pride in their traditional cuisine, others extended invitations for Nigerians to experience the flavors of Ghanaian delicacies, suggesting a potential shift in preferences from popular Nigerian dishes like eba and egusi soup.

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However, amidst the playful exchanges, there were also jests and subtle competitiveness, with mentions of “Ghana 1 Nigeria 0,” reflecting the good-natured rivalry between the two nations.

The conversation extended beyond mere culinary appreciation, with some users anticipating similar acknowledgments from other Nigerian music heavyweights like Burna Boy and Wizkid. The anticipation sparked discussions about the possibility of inviting Nigerians to relish Ghanaian meals, further fueling the ongoing friendly banter between the two nations.

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