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15 Children Die at Tamale Teaching Hospital Over Lack of Dialysis Machines

A heartbreaking shortage of pediatric dialysis machines and necessary medical supplies at the Tamale Teaching Hospital has resulted in the tragic deaths of 15 children, highlighting the urgent need for life-saving equipment in the healthcare system.

The absence of essential medical supplies has compelled healthcare professionals to resort to using adult dialysis machines, placing the lives of vulnerable young patients in grave jeopardy. Adam Yahaya Wanzam, the Nurse Manager at the Dialysis Unit of Tamale Teaching Hospital, expressed deep concern and issued a fervent plea for immediate assistance from the government, individuals, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to provide the critical equipment required to save lives.

In an emotional interview with Citi News, Wanzam emphasized the dire situation, stating, “We have lost over 10 to 15 children who were supposed to receive dialysis. But for a lack of pediatric machines, we were improvising with the adult machines, and the adult machines and consumables are not for children.”

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The scarcity of pediatric-specific dialysis machines has had devastating consequences, not only leading to the loss of innocent lives but also inflicting unimaginable pain and suffering on the families affected by these tragic circumstances.

Wanzam passionately appealed to individuals and NGOs to come to their aid, emphasizing the urgency of acquiring pediatric machines and necessary supplies to ensure the Tamale Teaching Hospital Dialysis Unit can effectively attend to young patients facing similar critical situations.


The situation at the hospital underscores the critical need for immediate intervention and support to prevent further loss of life and alleviate the distress faced by families grappling with the heartbreaking consequences of the dialysis equipment shortage.

Source: CITI

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