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You will Extremely Suffer- Captain Smart To Ursula Owusu, others

 Ursula Owusu-Ekuful in recent times has received a heavy downpour of curses for supposedly not being frank with expenses that went into the organization of the virtual concert to unveil the covid19 tracker application.

Ministry of Information, as part of the launch of the Application on Monday, April 13, held a concert with the motive to provide entertainment to Ghanaians.

The major drawback of that concert has been allegations of musicians receiving huge sums of money as remuneration after the show which was hosted by Ghone Tv.

The Ministry of Communications has however been resolute that no money was paid to any of the performers despite the rumors from trusted sources.

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During a briefing at the Ministry of Information, Ursula Owusu noted that;

The launch was held and I must thank the musicians who also performed for free to lift up the spirit of those of us in lockdown and educate the public through music as well,”

Captain Smart, a very popular and well-respected broadcast journalist has waded into controversy asserting without evidence that each artist was paid exorbitantly for performing on the virtual show.

The Adom FM presenter pronounced curses on persons who will use this pandemic as a means to rob the country. In his words, He said;

Today, I want to tell you something. I’ve been asked to hold my bomb on this issue, but there’s only one thing I want to tell you. Never try to rich yourselves with coronavirus pandemic. Why is the minister lying to Ghanaians and the artistes also denied receiving the money? God will punish you, and your punishment won’t be mild, you’ll suffer extremely,” he fumed.

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