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You convinced my wife to get away with my twins- Funnyface to Lilwin.

The Funnyface vrs Lil win issues seems not to end anytime soon. Funny Face, fondly called the Children’s president who is also a Ghanaian comedian has accused Lil win of convincing his wife to leave the house with his two kids. The Children’s president added that Lil win was able to influence his wife(funny face’s wife) because she is emotionally weak.

Funny Face posted on his Instagram saying “aswear tomorrow am going full attaaaaack on Lil win because the mother of my children is not emotional strong. You have tricked her into doin this to me Kwadwo? Aswear Kwadwo I will die with you in Ghana”. Adding that “am sorry @bolarayofficial, what am going through can’t be explained”.

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According to him when he misses his twin girls then he wants to go ‘hay wire’.

“Let dem bring my children to me because she can’t take care of dem. My mother is dere she can take care of them, my sisters are also dere. I DONT GIVE A FUCK ryt now about what anybody thinks abt me now.Have been theough shot. My only JOY was my #ELLAandBELLA. aswear I will kill for dis girls.
He added in his post, warning his wife to bring back his girls and asked how much she was paid to do that to him.

“#ATAAMAAME..ur last warning bring my children or else I will just lay the foundation for you ‘just to say’ FIMM FIMM like you can never step out in Ghana again. HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME? How much DID LILWIN PAY YOU?

Recently, funnyface has accused his colleagues, Bismark the Joke, Kalybos and Lil win that they are going about backbiting and wants to tarnish his image. Few days back, he challenged any of them to react to his accusations and he will boldly reveal their dirty secrets. Amongst the three, only Lilwin was able to speak on social media and even with that, he didn’t dare to talk about the claims of funnyface but rather thanked his fans for their support and gifted them with call credits.

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