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US President Has Been Criticized; Lagging Behind Other Countries.

The president of United State of America, Donald Trump is pushing ahead with plans to restart economic activity.

Coronavirus Pandemic in the US has the highest number of covid19 Cases and deaths in the world. Public health have warned that for planning to restart economic activity and removing social distancing restrictions. US will be at risk and it will encourage a stronger wave of infections that will endanger people’s health.

A day after Governor Ricketts heralded Nebraska’s reopening the state. President Trump was happy to restart economic activity while the virus rages on.

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Trump has been criticized because of the manner he’s handling of the coronavirus Pandemic.

Because of States, that restrictions has been lifted. Coronavirus pandemics will get worst and this means communities will continue to face health risks. And US will continue to have the highest case of coronavirus recorded in US because the president has taken an irresponsible decision to reopen the state when the virus rages on.

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