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Pastor Reacts After Two Young Men Allegedly Belonging To LGBTQ Were Assaulted At Fadama

An incident of grave concern unfolded recently in the vicinity of Fadama, situated near Accra, as two young men, Daniel Sarpong, aged 22, and Emmanuel Bentil, also 22, reportedly faced a brutal assault allegedly over suspicions of engaging in homosexual activities.

Reports indicate that a group purporting to be anti-gay perpetrated the attack upon discovering Daniel and his presumed companion, Emmanuel, together in a room after being followed. The intervention of a local pastor managed to avert further escalation of violence, providing a crucial reprieve amidst the turmoil.


Eyewitness accounts shed light on the distressing nature of the situation, with one observer recalling the harrowing scene and expressing gratitude for the timely intervention that prevented potentially dire consequences. The incident underscores the urgency of addressing such matters with prudence and civility, rather than resorting to acts of aggression.

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It is pertinent to note that recent legislative actions have brought into effect stringent measures regarding LGBTQ+ activities within the legal framework. Parliamentary approval has mandated custodial sentences ranging from a minimum of three years to a maximum of five years for individuals found promoting, sponsoring, or supporting such activities. Furthermore, active engagement in


LGBTQ+ actions now entails penalties ranging from six months to three years of imprisonment.

The response of community leaders and elders reflects a growing recognition of the need for adherence to legal channels in addressing alleged instances of LGBTQ+ involvement. Emphasizing the futility and harm inherent in resorting to vigilantism, these voices advocate for the reporting of suspects to law enforcement authorities as a means to uphold justice and prevent unwarranted harm to innocent individuals.

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In a statement issued after the incident, the pastor who intervened to quell the mob expressed regret over the predicament faced by Emmanuel Bentil and Daniel Sarpong, who are reportedly on the run , fearing for their safety. This lamentable turn of events underscores the imperative for fostering a climate of tolerance and understanding within our community.


As we confront the complexities and challenges of contemporary social issues, it behooves us to uphold the principles of compassion, respect, and unity. Let us stand together in solidarity, rejecting violence and discrimination in all its manifestations, as we strive to build a more inclusive and harmonious society.


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