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The Differences Between Making Love And Having S3x

Getting physically involved with someone is an experience that each of us may have in our lives.

But if you are wondering whether it’s just casual sex or something more than that, then keep reading. Some genuine signs tell us whether we are making love to someone or having casual sex with them.

Here are six big differences between making love and having sex:

  • Feelings involved or not

Some people have had physical relationships with people that don’t involve feelings. It is just sex, with the two of them in it for the sake of enjoying themselves. When it comes to making love, it happens only with the person you have feelings for. It is a way to communicate and let your partner know about your love and care for them.

  • One time thing or regular

If you have only slept with a person once, it might be casual sex that both of you agreed to. But if you are regularly sleeping with someone, there might be a chance that you are making love to them. You understand each other’s desires in bed and try to fulfil them selflessly which can be a sign of making love to each other.

  • Exclusive or not
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If both of you are having sex with various people, what you have going on with each other is just casual sex. But if you have been involved with each other exclusively, then that means that you both are making love to each other and have feelings in your heart.

  • More tender or not

If you are just thinking about physically satisfying yourself without thinking about the other person then it’s just casual sex. But if you are thinking about the other person’s needs too and are more tender and gentle with them while being physically involved, then it means you are making love to each other.

  • Letting your guard down
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If you are in for casual sex, then you won’t let your guard down at all. You won’t feel comfortable while sharing your vulnerable side with them. You won’t look forward to them knowing the real you. But if you are making love to the other person, you will probably be comfortable with them knowing the real you.

  • Closer together or not

After having sex, if you feel emotionally closer to the other person, it means you were making love to each other and can share more than just your bodies with each other. But if you don’t feel any closer to the other person, that probably means you are in it just for casual sex and nothing else.

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