Despite being under the same production, scenes from BBMzani are unedited, including showcasing the nudity of the competitors.

Bathroom scenes dubbed ‘Shower Hour’ and private diaries are all telecasted; this, netizens have likened to a mini porn show.

The latest season has divided fans across the continent, with South Africans and Nigerians, in particular, have been at each other’s throats.

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While comparing the differences, South Africans have argued their content is more eye-catching and worth viewing, unlike the Nigerians who hide behind secret rooms to ‘devour’ themselves.

Tackling the argument from the cultural and religious perspective, a majority of viewers have called on the production to censor the nudity part.

Some have described it as outrageous, provocative and a bad representation of Africa as a continent.

However, their demands are yet to be met as the latest scenes captured the contestants, both male and females naked in various parts of the house.

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This is expected to go on for the next few weeks until a winner finally emerges.