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Safo Newman Releases Independence Day Song: “March Past”

Ghana’s music scene is abuzz with the latest release from Safo Newman, a rising star whose Independence Day anthem, “March Past,” is making waves. The official lyrics video, released on YouTube, has garnered significant attention, amassing views at a rapid pace within just 12 hours of its launch.

In his song, Newman delves into the prevalent issue of unfulfilled political promises and the pervasive “pull-him-down” mentality that plagues Ghana. Despite being the first Sub-Saharan African country to gain independence, the lyrics suggest that Ghana has yet to fully realize its freedom and potential since its historic march to independence on March 6th.

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The song also touches on the detrimental effects of tribalism in Ghanaian society, pointing out how it hampers progress and unity. Newman criticizes the tendency for individuals who lack the skills or qualifications to secure influential positions, hindering the country’s advancement.

Through his music, Newman encourages Ghanaians to confront these challenges and work towards a brighter future. “March Past” serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of addressing societal issues and striving for positive change.

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