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Reclaiming Our Heritage: GDAC Demands Action on Education, Health, and Infrastructure


The GaDangme Alliance for Change (GDAC), a recent movement for promoting actionable transformation change in the GaDangme communities by way of human development, decrie sunequivocally, the prevailing trend of affliction meted out to the Gadangme peoples by political pundits and functionaries of the Ghanaian political system.

Today, GDAC observes that Gadangme people face a critical juncture in their essential livelihoods.

It is extremely concerning that peoples especially the youth have been deprived of essential
livelihood needs and leadership requisite to grow to become men and women of good citizens
capable of contributing to the nation building of the Republic of Ghana. Clearly, the Gadangme
people have been grossly left behind, and the Republic of Ghana cannot be proud of any achievement of the United Nations sustainable development goals (UN SDG) at this rate.

It is bothshameful and sad that the peoples that have contributed human capital, land assets, sweat and blood
more than any tribe in Ghana for the formation of the Republic are being treated with such disdain
and wickedness.

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What can we do when we are cut of from essentials of Education, Health, Housing, Water and
Sanitation? What’s most hurtful is the current deliberate attempt to steal all of Gadangme land valuable assets and important infrastructure for its development.

Today, the Accra Community Center, a cornerstone for our cultural and social activities, are being threatened to be taken out of the hands of the GaDangme indigenes.

This is not acceptable under any circumstances!!! We assert with
grave concern that the Center is not for sale and any attempts to privatize it will be met with staunch

The potential loss of this vital institution threatens the very fabric of our community. Our
vote is our voice! Infrastructures are governmental responsibilities not CITIZEN!

We are alarmed to report that the LA General Hospital remains inoperative and incapable of serving
our indigenous population.

This dire situation leaves countless individuals without access to
essential medical care, exacerbating health crises and putting lives at risk.
Equally troubling is the current state of the Ningo /Prampram Maternity Home, which is not yet equipped to provide full services for expectant mothers. The lack of adequate maternal healthcare
services endangers the health and safety of both mothers and infants within our community.

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Our community is besieged with a multitude of severe problems, including inadequate infrastructure,
healthcare shortages, and other pressing issues that threaten the well-being and stability of our

The severity of these problems cannot be overstated.
We urgently call upon local authorities, stakeholders, and the broader community to recognize the
gravity of these situations.

Immediate and decisive action is required to prevent further deterioration and to protect the rights and lives of the GaDangme people.

The survival of our cultural heritage, the health of our people, and the future of our community depends on our collective response to these
critical challenges. Time is of the essence!

We are sending out notice to all political pundits and government functionaries that the era when Gadangme people are cheated is over. SELAH!
GDAC – Executives

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