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Meet Okokobioko, The Event Mc/Comedian Who Became The First Ghanaian Creator To Amass Over 12 Million Views On A Single Tiktok Video

Okokobioko whose real name is Nana Osei Bonsu or the Viral MC is a professional event Mc, a skit maker, and a standup comedian.

Okokobioko has been in the comedy and creative industry for the past 5 years and has contributed massively in areas of helping people ease off stress via his comedy shows and creating fun at events as a professional Mc.

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The Nigerian-born Ghanaian comedian who started off his career with comedy roles in church drama switched to making viral skits,  during the peak times of the pandemic to keep his followers entertained. Okokobioko’s first skit, ‘Pray Before You Chop went’ viral a few days after release, amassing over 9million views after a blogger on Facebook (NsemW)Krom)  posted the video. The comedian’s second skit, ‘All That Glitters Are Not Gold’ also went viral after top Ghanaian and Nigerian actresses used a portion of the video as a sound on Tiktok.

okokobioko 'cracks ribs' At Laugh And Lyrics Event
okokobioko ‘cracks ribs’ At Laugh And Lyrics Event
Additionally, okokobioko’s third skit, ‘Marriage Proposal’ which features Ghanaian blogger, Kobby Kyei also went viral across other nations in Africa.
As a result of how his skits kept going viral, the comedian decided to pay more attention hence, providing more of such entertaining content on his youtube channel.
According to okokobioko, a life-changer came knocking on his door when TikTok became popular in Ghana.
Comedian okokobioko on a skit set
Comedian okokobioko on a skit set
Okokobioko leveraged the outstanding effect of the video-sharing app. In his words, he said, ” The icing on the cake was when my wedding Game videos started going viral on Instagram and Facebook.
It was totally unexpected but all thanks to Gharticles for always posting first before other Nigerian bloggers will share it.
Four different wedding game videos of mine went viral on Instagram and Facebook with over 6. 3 million views on Facebook.
The game-changer was when Tiktok changed its video upload length”.Okokobioko said.
Okokobioko however uploaded a wedding video he had on his phone reluctantly without any expectations whatsoever.
According to him, his life has never been the same after that video. Okokobioko’s TikTok account shot up from 30k followers to over 200k currently.
The miracle video which gave him this break has amassed over 12million views in a matter of two weeks.
This is the first video by a Ghanaian creator to make such feet after tikitok became popular in Ghana.
He thanked his video director for all skits , Malex Praise, actress Etta Jomaria,David Kazeem, his biological parents and siblings for the support.
okobioko plays wedding games with couple as an mc
Okokobioko  plays wedding games with couple as an mc


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