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Meet Jake Bediako, The Youth Ambassador To The Office of The President

Jake Obeng-Bediako promotion to the role of Presidential Coordinator for Youth Engagement and Strategy at the Office of the President has spark a lot controversy on social media.

Many Ghanaians have wondered what exactly that role entails and have concluded that it’s just an opaque role created to satisfy family and cronies of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) government.

So, Ghanaarticles.com decided to let our cherished visitors know who he is and his qualifications.

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Early Life And Background

Jake is a New York-born, globally-raised and London-based Afropolitan with strong familial and emotional ties to West Africa. Jake believes in living a full life from a place of self-awareness, confidence and unique self-expression. Under his nom de plume, ‘The Debonair Disciple’, he works as a lifestyle curator and leisure critic who seeks to apply this philosophy, his intellect and his high taste in fostering conversations of style, leisure and life inspiration among city-dwelling gentlemen across the three continents he calls home. When he is not writing, he is usually out on the town making friends and sharing experiences.

He holds a BA in History from Columbia University, an MPhil in African Studies from the University of Cambridge and a Graduate Diploma in Law from BPP University.

Jake is passionate about creativity, community and promoting youth involvement in every sphere of society.


Through his experiences in research and African policy development at the United Nations and Africa-focused student recruitment at the Columbia University Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Jake has demonstrated his zeal to work for the benefit of Africa and the African. With experience as a successful Afropolitan lifestlyle blogger and Curator-in-Chief of The Inner Circle, a community of young passionate millennials, Jake is now committed to transforming the global narrative of Ghana through his work at the Presidency by mobilizing Ghanaian diaspora youth to be reunited with their domestic counterparts and to access and act on their birth rights and responsibilities as the current and future leaders of the nation.

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Source: theluxedigest.com and diasporaaffairs.gov.gh

Source: Ghanaarticles.com

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