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Mallam Residents Protest Poor Road Conditions, Demand Asphalt Road

Residents of Mallam, particularly those along the ‘borla’ road within the Weija-Gbawe Municipality, took to the streets in protest on Thursday, demanding the asphalting of their 1km road.

The protest, which saw around a hundred residents marching and carrying placards, was guarded by police officers.

The residents’ grievances centered around the poor state of the road, with slogans on their placards reflecting their frustration, including “No road, no vote.”

Despite the presence of stones and coarse sand on the road’s shoulders, which some residents believed to be a cosmetic attempt to address the issue, they expressed their disappointment with the local authorities’ lack of action.

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Abel Tetteh, the leader of the protest group, highlighted the residents’ displeasure with the government’s apparent disregard for their concerns.

He criticized both the Member of Parliament (MP) and assembly members for failing to address the longstanding issue.

Tetteh questioned the government’s commitment to improving road infrastructure, noting that while other neighborhoods in Accra have received asphalt roads, Mallam residents are still waiting for theirs.

The residents are now appealing directly to the government to intervene and address their road conditions, emphasizing their desire for an asphalt road with proper markings.

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