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Mahama’s Promise To Cancel E-levy Is A Political Talk – NPP

The ruling government New Patriotic Party (NPP) has said John Mahama’s promise to Ghanaian to scrap the E-levy if NDC win power in 2024 is a just a political talk.

According to NPP, the e-levy which started on Sunday, May 1 cannot be abolished by the NDC party.

Just like the one-time premium and the repeal of talk tax that John Mahama and his NDC promised, but failed to implement when they were in power, this promise is just a political talk.”

“In any event, can John Mahama explain the difference between his 17.5% tax on financial transactions and his manifesto pledge to impose a uniform tax on all electronic transactions? Are these measures E-Levy in disguise and does he stand by them?” Communications Director of the NPP Yaw Buaben Asamoa wondered at a press conference in Accra Wednesday.

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He stressed: “If we reflect deeply, we will accept, as the records show, that significant change to our political institutions and conduct, economic structure and management and positive social impact, has mostly happened under the NPP’s watch.

“Many very significant national reverses occurred under the six years of John Mahama’s Presidency. He has since been rejected twice in elections. It’s possible his recent address is motivated by self-preservation towards his continued leadership of the NDC into 2024, given that both insiders and external observers are writing him off”.

He added: “Under John Mahamas’ leadership, Ghana will slip backwards into chaotic incompetence. Just like his autobiography tells all, he cannot take decisions. As he says in his book, he will ride this country like a bicycle, out of control and dangerously downhill, merely hopeful of survival.

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“The 2024 presidential election is expected to be about two choices: whether we choose to build on the significant gains so far made under President Akufo-Addo with a new presidential candidate from the NPP who comes with his or her own fresh ideas as well or to choose the candidate the NDC are threatening to bring back, John Dramani Mahama.”


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