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“Leave Ghana and Never Come Back”: Captain Planet Advises Ghanaian Youth

In a bold and candid statement, Ghanaian musician Captain Planet of 4×4 fame has urged young Ghanaians to seize any opportunity to leave the country and never return. The rapper expressed deep concern over the current state of affairs in Ghana, citing widespread despair among the youth.

“What are they coming back to do? What better thing is in this country? Nothing,” Captain Planet remarked in an interview with Empire FM. He highlighted the pervasive issue of unemployment, despite claims by authorities of job creation. “All the boys are complaining that they don’t have jobs, but every day, we have someone claiming to have created over 120,000 jobs. So where are all those jobs?” he questioned.

Captain Planet also criticized the country’s healthcare system, describing it as inadequate and burdensome to the average citizen. “Even when you get money and go to hospital when you are sick, you are being taxed on the medicine, so in that case, even the dying is being taxed,” he lamented.

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The musician did not mince words in his critique of Ghana’s leadership, accusing public servants of rampant corruption and greed. He advised young Ghanaians to prioritize their future and well-being by seeking opportunities abroad.

Captain Planet’s advice comes at a time when many young Ghanaians are grappling with economic hardships and limited prospects. His words have sparked a debate on social media, with some echoing his sentiments while others express hope for a brighter future within Ghana.

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