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Jurors Declare Indefinite Strike Over Unpaid Allowances

Jurors in Ghana have embarked on an indefinite strike due to the government’s failure to pay their allowances. The jurors’ decision arises from the non-payment of their February 2023 allowance, along with outstanding payments from July 2023 to May 2024, resulting in 10 months’ worth of arrears.

In a statement, the jurors explained that this financial burden has compelled them to take such drastic action. They expressed disappointment over the government’s unfulfilled promise to pay the arrears in May, emphasizing that the current situation makes it impossible for them to cover their transportation costs to and from court.

“We wish to respectfully bring to your attention that effective Thursday, May 16, 2024, jurors will be absent from jury duties. The absence is due to the non-payment of our allowance for February 2023 and from July 2023 to May 2024, (10 months’ allowance in arrears). This situation has made it practically impossible for us to continue to pre-finance our transportation to and from Court premises.”

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The statement highlighted the potential disruption to court cases due to their absence, noting that major trials, including the Joseph Boakye Danquah murder trial, Gregory Afoko trial, and Kasoa teenage killers murder trial, will be significantly affected as jurors will not be present for the hearings.

The jurors regret any inconvenience their strike may cause to the judicial process but stress that the financial strain has left them no choice. They reiterated that despite their follow-ups, they were informed there is no money available to settle their arrears.

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