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Ghanaian Students in Morocco Appeal to Government to Resolve 10-Month Stipend Delay Amid Hardships

Ghanaian students studying in Morocco are facing severe hardships due to the government’s failure to pay their monthly stipends for ten consecutive months.

This critical issue requires immediate attention from the Government of Ghana and the public to prevent further distress among the students.

The delayed stipends, essential for covering basic needs such as food, accommodation, transportation, study materials, and administrative fees, have left the students in a precarious situation.

The prolonged financial strain has resulted in severe consequences, including financial instability, emotional distress, security risks, and academic setbacks for undergraduates, master’s, PhD, and post-doctoral students.

The students have highlighted several critical dangers they are currently facing:

1. Security Threats
Students are at risk of arrest due to the inability to register or renew their resident cards, which require financial support.

2. Evictions
Many students have already been evicted from their apartments, with more facing imminent eviction as they cannot pay rent and essential bills.

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3. Healthcare Challenges
Some students have fallen ill and are unable to afford necessary healthcare. One student with a peptic ulcer recently lost consciousness and was hospitalized but cannot afford medication or proper diet. Others with chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension are in similar situations.

4. Academic Stagnation
Final year students’ projects and research are at a standstill due to lack of funds. The financial and mental stress has driven some to contemplate suicide, and there is a significant risk of mental health issues.

If the situation remains unresolved, students face further dire consequences:

1. Repeating Academic Years
With the academic year ending in two months, students are unable to purchase books or attend classes due to lack of transportation funds.

2. Healthcare Risks
Continued lack of medical care could result in severe health complications or fatalities among students with chronic conditions.

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3. Travel Restrictions
Final year students are unable to leave Morocco as they have used their essential documents as collateral for loans they cannot repay.

The students are urgently appealing to the Government of Ghana, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ghana Scholarships Secretariat to expedite the stipend disbursement process. The well-being and academic success of Ghanaian students in Morocco are at stake, and swift action is necessary to alleviate their suffering and ensure their education continues uninterrupted.

In contrast, the Government of Morocco has fulfilled its obligations under the bilateral agreement with Ghana, making the lack of support from the Ghanaian government even more disheartening.

Ghanaian students in Morocco are in desperate need of support and assistance from their home country during this challenging period. Immediate intervention is essential to prevent further harm and secure their academic and personal well-being.

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