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Japan Donates Health Equipment and Vehicles to Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health (MoH) has recently received a generous donation of vital health equipment and vehicles from the Government of Japan, facilitated through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). This significant contribution aims to bolster Ghana’s healthcare infrastructure and enhance its capacity to respond to various medical needs across the nation.

Among the items received are sixteen (16) refrigerator cargo trucks, which will play a crucial role in the safe transportation of vaccines, medications, and other perishable medical supplies to remote areas. Additionally, a cold room has been installed in Tamale to ensure proper storage of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, further fortifying the country’s vaccine distribution network.

Furthermore, the donation includes essential medical machinery such as a Generator, a CT scanner machine, and six (6) direct digital X-Ray machines, which will significantly improve diagnostic capabilities in healthcare facilities. Two (2) units of water tankers have also been provided to address water scarcity issues in certain regions, ensuring adequate access to clean water for medical purposes.

In addition to enhancing diagnostic capabilities and logistical support, the donation includes six (6) units of ambulances, which will contribute to the timely and efficient transportation of patients to medical facilities, particularly in emergency situations. Moreover, twenty-one (21) units of thermal cameras have been supplied to strengthen surveillance efforts and enable early detection of potential health threats, including infectious diseases.


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