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Incredible Life Hacks That Will Make Life So Much Easier.

Finally life hacks to make you live life the easier way . Want to learn some easy life hacks that are easy to do, are of low cost and saves time? By tweaking little things in your daily life, it can make living life so much easier and convenient.

Here are some simple and practical life hacks you Will need and can just pick up any of them right away.

Tie a small piece of bright colored fabric to your luggage. This will help save a lot of time checking if it is your bag or not. It helps you to easily identify your luggage or bag.

When you want to cancel words, you don’t want to be legible, scribbling over them, rather write random letters and words over the original. It prevents others from viewing the original writing especially when you don’t want it to be seen by others.

Use a rubber band or plastic band to keep a door from latching.

If your dorm or room smells bad, take a dryer sheet over the AC unit and turn it on.

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For people who use their phones very often and are tired of leaning it onto something where it will fall after a while, use your sunglasses by leaning the phone on them and use your phone at your convenience.

Take a picture of business cards people hand over to you just in case they get missing or misplaced. Even if they do get missing, you still have a copy on your phone or camera.

When ironing a button up shirt, flip it inside -out to easily iron over the button side. This makes it very easy!

Put Old papers at the bottom of your bin to absorb food juices.

Tumble dry shoes without ruining them.

Keep a card having your medical history say blood type, emergency contact etc at a visible area in your wallet. This will help save you one day.

When traveling, keep a bar of scented soap in the same compartment as your dirty laundry. This will help keep your clothes smelling clean.

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Use a coozie to cover your sticks on hot days.

When taking a picture, squint your eyes to make your smile look more genuine.

Use a clean dustpan to fill a container that is unable to fit into the sink.

Need an inexpensive book holder, try a pants hanger.

Use a spring from an old pen to keep your charger from bending and breaking.

Use binder clips to fix broken keyboard feets.

Wrap a wet paper towel over your beverage and put it in a freezer. In about 15 minutes, it will be ice cold.

Use nail polish to identify different keys.

Use paper clips to organize your cables.

To remove the stem from strawberries, use a straw.

These simple and inexpensive life hacks are just superb to try during your daily activities. Try them and get to learn easy ways to go about things to save cost, time and energy.

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