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I Have Seen What Has Been Done in Dubai, I Want to Dredge to Get a Sea in the Ashanti Region – Nana

Nana Kwame Bediako, also known as Freedom Jacob Caesar or Cheddar, a prominent figure in Ghana’s business landscape and leader of The New Force Movement, has unveiled an ambitious plan aimed at transforming Ghana’s transportation infrastructure.

During an interview with Kojo Marfo on Abusua 96.5 FM in Kumasi, Bediako outlined his vision to extend the sea from Ghana’s coastline to the landlocked Ashanti Region. Drawing inspiration from the development models of other nations, he cited Dubai’s transformation from desert to coastal city as a prime example.

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Bediako emphasized the need to utilize maritime routes for inland transportation, highlighting the inefficiencies of the current system which relies heavily on road transport. He pointed out the damages and spoilage incurred during the six-hour journey from Tema Harbour to Kumasi, a key trade hub.

Central to his plan is the opening up of the East and Western Corridor infrastructure, which he believes will bolster international trade and economic growth. Bediako envisions the construction of power stations, energy facilities, and industrial complexes, while also emphasizing the importance of incorporating technology into Ghana’s economic landscape.

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Furthermore, Bediako called for a shift towards value addition and local manufacturing, challenging Ghana to produce electronic gadgets using domestic resources such as lithium and plastics.

As part of his nationwide tour dubbed a listening tour, Bediako is currently engaging with ordinary Ghanaians in the Ashanti Region, seeking to incorporate their visions and aspirations into his manifesto for the upcoming national election scheduled for December.

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