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“I Fell In Love With The Wrong Person”- Peruzzi Squawk.

Peruzzi is a Nigerian Singer and songwriter. He is in relationship with Cee C, a Big Brother Naija Star.

Recently,the Singer has been making some post on social media indicating that the relationship between him and Cee c is dead.
Peruzzi post on social media shows that they might be having problem in their relationship that could lead to their break up and fans are already feeling that the relationship between Cee C and Peruzzi will not last.
The singer reported started dating the Big Brother Naija Star last year.

Fans were confused on a post Peruzzi shared on Instagram. They thought as an artiste it could be seen as he’s composing lyrics. The singer post was baby I wrote you a funeral song,cos you are dead to me. Fans didn’t understand what he meant by that untill Peruzzi followed the post with another and it was confirmed the first post was directed to his girlfriend which is now ex. The second post,he says he fell in love with the wrong person so he’s jumping out of it.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed the actual reasons for their breakup. Peruzzi has once taken to his Twitter on how his girlfriend questioned his loyalty.

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