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How To Clean Your House Real Good With Just Salt.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to you when a common table salt can do more than make your food tasty.

Staying at home during the Coronavirus pandemic has made most people look out for how to do things differently. From cleaning and hygiene, to health and beauty. Therefore it shouldn’t be a surprise to you when you are told that a simple table salt can do more than enhance the taste of your food. When used effectively and intelligently, it can become a simple way of keeping the house clean and neat.

Here are some tips to keep your house clean and neat with salt.

Troops Of Ants.

If you are facing the issue of ants in your house, all you have to do is to block their path by sprinkling salt. This will chase them away and prevent the family of ants from trooping into your house. You can also use this remedy when you spot them outside your house. It will still work out and chase these insects away.

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Use Salt To Clean Doors And Windows.
This is no easy task. However it can be possible. It is possible to make doors and windows look spotless. With this, you will need to spray some vinegar on them to let it dry. After, rub some paste made of salt and baking soda. Wash it off with warm water and notice the results yourself.

Salt Can also get rid of almost every kind of stain.
For instance if you spill some on the kitchen slab or stove and it’s becoming difficult to wipe it off, all you need to do is apply a paste of salt and warm water then you allow it to be on the stained area for sometime. Scrub it off afterwards and it will look like there was nothing on the surface. It will look as neat

Salt can be used to clean plastic jars and containers.
Cleaning the insides of it can be difficult sometimes. All you need to do is to pour a tablespoon of salt into them for few minutes and rinse them off. You will have a clean product in addition to a one free of bad smell.

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Unclog your drain using salt. With this, you will need one cup of salt and baking soda in addition to a vinegar and mix. Wait for at least 15 minutes as get your drain cleared up and made neat once again.

Mops And Wipes.
Instead of changing your mops or wipes for the floor after use, just soak them in a bucket of water filled with three to four cups of salt with some hot water and leave it overnight. You will see a great transformation of your wipes or mobs the next morning.

Salt is a very valuable product and therefore needs to be used adequately and not to be wasted . This is because apart from it enhancing the taste of foods, it also helps to clean our homes keeping our homes clean.

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