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Has Lockdown Revised Romance Rules Among Couples?

Condoms, pregnancy kits and contraceptives seems to have now been the business of the day during Lockdown periods. So Is the Coronavirus really bringing some intense intimacy between couples and love birds? Or it is a matter of forced togetherness or a killjoy? Well, a bit of both.

Some people believe that the lockdown has intensified the intimacy between love birds, couples. A newly married engineer called Siddarth said: With both of us working around the clock, we hardly use to find time for each other but now we are actually enjoying life as a couple and the sparks are flying”. For Ayan, another married person said that the lockdown has been a time to make good limitations a long distance relationship imposes. “My girlfriend moved in just a few days ago before lockdown because she did not want to be alone. I look at this period to make up for the time lost.”

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Rules of romance are being rewritten due to the arrival of Coronavirus, a marketing professional disclosed. She added that “earlier, when arguing, we would even go without talking for an entire day but now things get sorted out within 15 minutes. The physical intimacy goes beyond the bedroom. I would not restrict it to Sex alone. We plan to make daily chores beautiful and fun”. She said.

The demand for condoms and contraceptives have increased but for some sex lives have hit a trough during this lockdown. Fighting the pandemic comes with a whole lot of fear and anxiety which does little for libido.

One journalist from Delhi disclosed “While my fiancé and I stay together and hardly step out, I am subconsciously always thinking about social distancing . That gets in the way of being close to each other”.

Having your personal space may be a little difficult especially when you are staying with your partner. It may be exciting to make a date and spend time with your partner. But due to the fact that now both of you are home, things may be a little clingy especially when one person likes to have his or her own space.

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Initially when movements were not restricted and everyone lived a normal life, both of you may close from work , with the pressure from work and all, tired and stressed out and likely to have some good shower and think of nothing than to sleep. However during lockdown, you are released from work pressure and stress. Even if you are working from home, it may be a little flexible.

Some have shared their experiences on the lockdown and how it is influencing their romance life. What’s yours? Share with us in the comment section.

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