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God Doesn’t Approve Of Doggy, Licking And Other Styles During S3x – GH Pastor

A Ghanaian pastor has warned that God does not approve of people engaging in doggy, licking, and other secondary styles during sexual intercourse since they are unnatural.

Reverend Daniel Y. Donkor, the Head Pastor of the Royal Believers Ministry, has disclosed that while sex is God’s creation, mankind is responsible for the changes that have led to the emergence of numerous styles in recent years.

The renowned Marriage Counselor, Motivational Speaker wondered how man was able to find the numerous sex methods like ‘Doggy and Apple and Juice’ while speaking on Accra-based Okay FM.

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“Whose idea was it to invent sex?” God created sex, but who taught humans how to engage in sexual activity? Human beings are created through sexual contact.”

“That was the one who brought Doggy fashion? Who was the first to come up with the apple and juice sex style? The individual who instigated the apple and juice-style childbirth licking should explain why he or she did so.”

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“Because the use of the tongue was not part of the original sex we know, the person who found it is the best person to explain why he or she did it,” he said.


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