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GHS Issues Safety Directives Amid Harsh Weather Conditions

The Ghana Health Service (GHS) has voiced apprehension regarding the current severe weather conditions prevailing in the country.

In an official statement, the GHS emphasized the significance of public awareness, especially among individuals grappling with ailments such as asthma and chronic respiratory disorders.

The advisory urged vigilance in light of compromised air quality and dusty atmospheres, advising the utilization of protective equipment to mitigate potential health hazards.

Key precautions highlighted included limiting outdoor activities, particularly for vulnerable groups like children and seniors, and the adoption of face masks to reduce dust exposure. Adequate hydration through regular water intake was also stressed.

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The GHS assured the populace of its unwavering commitment to swiftly identify and address any potential outbreaks during this challenging weather period and beyond.

The statement was issued against the backdrop of exceedingly dry and dusty conditions, coupled with high Air Quality Index readings, as reported by the Environmental Protection Agency. The Ghana Meteorological Agency further projected prolonged hot weather for the upcoming months.

These adverse weather patterns increase susceptibility to various health complications, including respiratory illnesses and meningitis.

Acknowledging the heightened risk faced by individuals with asthma and similar conditions, the GHS emphasized the importance of adhering to prescribed medications.

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Additionally, the agency cautioned against dehydration, particularly among children and older adults, exacerbated by the prevailing dryness.

In the northern regions, the combination of dryness and heat elevates the threat of meningitis, despite no reported outbreaks in the country.

The GHS urged strict adherence to its recommendations and prompt reporting to healthcare facilities in case of breathing difficulties. Treatment options are available for all relevant conditions, including meningitis, with individuals experiencing fever and neck stiffness urged to seek immediate medical attention.

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