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Ghana Medical Association Calls for Improved Doctor Conditions to Curb Brain Drain


The President of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA), Dr. Frank Serebour, has underscored the necessity for enhancing doctors’ conditions of service as a crucial means to mitigate the prevalent brain drain in the health sector.

In an interview with Umaru Sanda Amandu on Citi FM’s Eyewitness News, Dr. Serebour emphasized the practicality of their demands, citing the urgent need for increased salaries and additional incentives as essential components for retaining medical professionals within the country.

He highlighted the proposal that individuals willing to retire on a salary should commit to 20 years of continuous service in Ghana, which, he believes, could deter the brain drain issue.

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Dr. Serebour also shed light on the harsh realities faced by doctors, including instances where medical practitioners, required to attend to emergencies, rely on public transport or Uber for commuting, ultimately risking lives due to delays.

The GMA president stressed that these demands are vital necessities capable of influencing the decisions of young professionals to pursue medical careers within the country.

During the Association’s 65th General Meeting, Dr. Serebour reiterated the urgent need for the government to prioritize doctors’ well-being and security both during their active service and post-retirement.

Additionally, he urged for measures to protect Association members from workplace hazards and provide adequate compensation for such incidents.

Expressing discontent with the prolonged delay in addressing their concerns, Dr. Serebour emphasized that any further postponement would not be tolerated. The GMA is steadfast in its pursuit of timely implementation, urging the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission to expedite negotiations for an overdue increase in salaries. Dr. Serebour emphasized that the GMA would demand the full implementation of any agreed-upon terms, indicating a readiness to take action to ensure doctors receive their due by January 2024.

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