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Christmas In Ghana: 10 Ghanaian Local Foods You Can Prepare This Festive Season For Your Family



Christmas In Ghana: 10 Ghanaian Local Foods You Can Prepare This Festive Season For Your Family

Families plan to spend time together and lot’s of travellers return home. Some call it the Yuletide, others call it Christmas. In Ghana, we call it “Bronya”. No matter how you choose to call it, this represents a period of love, happiness and giving.

Ghanaians however do not celebrate Christmas any differently from the rest of the world although there are a few noticeable differences.

Christmas in Ghana is fun and relaxing at the same time but there are a few local foods that help to make your festivities a memorable one.

On Special occasions like Christmas, Ghanaian local foods are not left out of the love celebration. Let’s shift from the foreign taste and make Ghanaian local meals feel extraordinary this festive season. has gathered some Ghanaian local dishes to prepare to ”wow” your family on Christmas day.

Amongst them are Palmnut soup (Abenkwan) with fufu, Grilled tilapia with banku, kenkey and fried fish, fried pork (domedo) with fried yam, Chicken Jollof rice, Garden eggs stew with plantain, Okro stew with banku, Palaver sauce (Nkontomire stew) with Ampesi (boiled yam), Groundnut soup with Omo tuo (rice balls), Goat light soup with fufu and Beans stew with fried plantain.

1. Palm nut soup (Abenkwan) with fufu

Recipe: Sundays are For Fufu And Palmnut Soup

Palm Nut Soup (Abenkwan) is a soup made from the palm fruit. The delicacy is accompanied with fufu, ingredients used in preparing it include, palmnut, onion, pepper, fresh tomatoes, tomatoes puree, fish, meat, seasons (salt,Maggi cube, ginger), cassava and plantain.

2. Grilled tilapia with banku

Seasoning tilapia with ginger, garlic, onion, Maggi cube to grill is the best one could taste on a special day like Christmas day. Grilled tilapia is accompanied with hot pepper and banku.

Banku and Tilapia with Pepper -

Ingredients for the preparation of banku are corn dough and cassava dough and salt to taste. Serve hot banku with black or grind pepper.

3. Fried pork (domedo) with fried yam

Domedo is accompanied with crispy fried yam. Ingredients used in preparation is pork belly, onion, garlic, salt, oil for frying, yam.

Serve domedo with hot pepper and sliced fried yam as a special Christmas day meal for your family.

4. Garden eggs stew with plantain

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Garden egg stew is accompained with plantain. This is another delicacy to ”wow” your family this Christmas.

Ampesi papapaaa… Plantian and garden egg stew locally called Ampesi in our local dialect can be eaten with anything but most especially with garden egg stew or palava sauce(kontomire stew) INGREDIENTS :

Ingredients for preparation are garden eggs, onion, tomatoes, pepper, salt, ”m)m)ne”, fish, hide (wele), Maggi, salt, red oil and plantain.

5. Okro stew with banku

Okro stew is served with banku. Ingredients needed in preparation are okro, garden eggs, onion, tomatoes, pepper ”m)m)ne”, ”kako”, fish, crab, hide (wele), snails, cow feet, Maggi cube, salt, red oil, corn dough and cassava dough.

Reactions As Ghanaian Guy Prepares Banku & Okro Stew With Just GHC 16, Lists The Things He Bought

This is one delicacy loved by most Ghanaians and one of the best to prepare for your family this Christmas.

6. Palaver sauce (Nkontomire stew) with Ampesi (boiled yam)

Nkontomire stew is accompanied with boiled yam.

Sika's world: Yam & Kontomire Stew

Ingredients used in preparation include Spinach leaves (nkontomire), red oil, m)m)ne, onion, pepper, tomatoes ,”agushie” (shelled grind melon seeds), Maggi, salt, hide (wele), fish, yam.

7. Groundnut soup with Omo tuo (rice balls)

Groundnut soup is another delicacy enjoyed by most Ghanaians, preparing it for your family this festive season will not be an exception. It is accompanied with Omo tuo(rice balls).

Akonfem Nkatekwan| Guinea Fowl Groundnut Soup | Aftrad Village KitchenAftrad Village Kitchen

Ingredients in preparation are groundnut paste, fresh tomatoes, tomato puree, onion, pepper, fish, chicken, chicken stock, Maggi, salt, rice.

8. Goat light soup with fufu

Fufu is an irresistible delicacy enjoyed by most Ghanaians. Make it special this festive season for your family. Blow the mind of your family this Christmas with light goat meat with fufu.

Ingredients for preparation are goat meat, onion, pepper, tomatoes, tomato puree, ginger, garlic, Maggi, salt, cassava, plantain.

9. Beans stew with fried plantain

Beans stew is accompanied with fried plantain. ”Wow”, your family this festive season with this sumptuous Ghanaian delicacy.

Ingredients used in preparation are beans, onion, tomato, pepper, salt, red oil, fish, cooking oil (sunflower oil), ripe plantain.

10. Chicken Jollof rice


Ingredients: Chicken, Onions, tomatoes, Kpakpo shito (hot green pepper), blend of spices (ginger, garlic, onion, bay leaves, cloves, rosemary), tomato puree, curry powder, cooking oil, Maggi cubes, Salt to taste and peas.

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