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Chief Arrested in Tamale for Illegal Possession of M16 Rifle

Police authorities in the Northern Region have apprehended a local chief on charges of unlawful possession of firearms. Reports from GBC News indicate that the chief was found at Ambariya Senior High School in Tamale, wielding an M16 rifle accompanied by six fully loaded magazines.

The M16 assault rifle is a military-grade weapon historically utilized by the US Army.

This incident has reignited concerns previously raised by several civil society organizations in Northern Ghana regarding the proliferation of illicit arms in the region. These groups have linked the frequent conflicts in the area to unauthorized individuals obtaining access to sophisticated weaponry.

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Efforts by the Ghana Small Arms Commission to curb the circulation of illegal weapons throughout the country have been ongoing. However, despite their initiatives, law enforcement personnel patrolling major highways in Northern Ghana continue to uncover various types of weapons and ammunition concealed within vehicles. Many of these cases are typically handled discreetly.

Nevertheless, GBC News sources within the Regional Police Command have confirmed that the apprehended chief is scheduled to appear in court on Monday to face charges related to the possession of the M16 rifle.

Source: GBC

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