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At What Age Does A Man Stop Getting Hard? Here’s What To Know

With increasing age, you may find that you experience a lower sex drive than you are used to, which can be distressing.

Many great things come with age—like wisdom, experience, etc. But most people associate age with the not-so-good stuff, like wrinkles, health problems, and the end of one’s sex life.

That last one is a common mistake, though. Erectile dysfunction may happen more often as men get older, but it’s not just a natural part of ageing.

At what age does a man stop getting hard?

The answer is simple: it doesn’t exist.

Some men in their 90s can still get erections without any trouble, while many men in their 20s struggle with erectile dysfunction (ED). There’s no age limit for having a healthy and enjoyable sex life, so if you have ED, know there are options to help.

Erectile dysfunction by age

ED can happen at any age, but it’s more common in older men. By the time a man is in his 40s, he has about a 40% chance of having experienced ED. That risk increases by about 10% for each decade of life—a 50% chance in his 50s, a 60% chance in his 60s, and so on.

So age is a risk factor for ED. But ED is not a natural part of ageing that older men just have to accept and learn to live with, and ED can happen at any age. It’s always worth addressing with a healthcare provider, as ED can be a sign that something larger is going on with your health.

How to treat ED

  • Natural remedies

Some men have found natural remedies for ED to be effective at improving their erections, and some research backs that up. Studies have shown that certain foods may be helpful for relieving ED. Be sure to speak with your healthcare provider before starting any supplements.

  • Lifestyle changes

Your erections will be best when you’re healthy. Making simple lifestyle changes such as getting more exercise, eating a healthy diet, quitting smoking and recreational drugs, and limiting your alcohol consumption might be enough to improve ED and your sexual health.

  • Medications

No matter what your age, if you’re experiencing ED, it’s a good idea to talk with a healthcare provider to identify any underlying health conditions and find a treatment plan that is right for you.


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